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Through her Luxury gifts for the home - ceramics, poetic kitchen towels and with Treetop & Bird - she colors the city a bit greener. Where nature and city come together, something beautiful arises. This fascinating contrast makes little moments special. Designer Inge Stevens is able to see the world in a positive way. This is what she shows in her own timeless interior products.

Luxury gift, Bird Mug, Ping & Moos

Mug Birds

Large mug with well designed embossed birds.

An original gift in the colors

Blossom, Sage & Sky.

Ping & Moos, Tea towel - a bit of nature - luxury gift

Linen Tea Towel

'when I see
a bird in a tree
I feel again
a bit of nature'

Dutch designer Inge Stevens / Ping & Moos


Hand thrown mugs, bowls & plates.

With Mimosa we celebrate

spring &

La festa della donna!

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Discover our new products, adore them and... share them with friends & family. We love to design more products & develop our brand en share 'a bit of nature'. So, together with you, your family & friends we color the city a bit greener.

Cherish life together & enjoy every moment.

Ping & Moos

Savon de Marseille - a bit of nature - luxury gift

savon de marseille

Made from vegetable oils these olive oil soap is particularly gentle on the skin and on the environment.

Treetop & Bird - a bit of nature - luxury gift

vase & watering can

This authentic eyecatcher

brings nature inside.

Made off Fine China.

Trow & grow confetti - a bit of nature - luxury gift

Throw & Grow

Once you plant the paper they will grow into a beautiful mix of wild flowers.

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